Internation Union of Martial Arts Clubs
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Who are we

The International Union of Martial Arts Clubs Koryu Dojo is the profession organization which unites instructors of the Russian and International levels of the various directions of oriental martial arts and their students.
In St.Petersburg there are clubs located in different districts of the city..
Any willing person can join our clubs. They are opened for children as well as for adults. The required age for children starts from 4 years old..
There aren’t any other limits, connected to health, sex, or age..
Annually we organize some seminars under the leadership of well- known Russian and European professional masters..
We also provide exams for certifications and master classes and open lessons for children and their parents..
Koryu Dodjo is the official representative of W.A.P.D. and W.A.S.C.A. in Russia, the member of many Russian and International organizations in the field of martial arts..



Мы уже готовимся, мест немного, а будет, как и всегда, круто!

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Традиционная зимняя аттестация

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начался новый сезон, у нас акция!

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Началась запись в наш летний лагерь!

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